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1970 BMW R75/5 SWB, Blue 87,573 Miles #2973281. This very attractive Vintage BMW R75/5 runs strong and has been well cared for. We had the bike in our shop 3 years ago, and the owner has kept coming back and upgrading the mechanical and cosmetic condition of this bike. It is equipped with the larger 22 Ltr. “Humpback” tank. It has “S” handlebars and bar-end mirrors. It starts easily and runs smoothly. The transmission shifts easily and properly. The inside of the fuel tank has been relined with silver POR15 fuel tank liner; the job was performed perfectly. The engine compression is good, the leak-down is minimal, and it doesn’t smoke. Since we resealed the top-end a year ago, we have seen no oil leaks. 3 years + 1350 mi: ago: 10K Service, New front and rear Metzellers; mount & balance. Pair 13 Rib boots, New Euro bars, Front brake switch w/rubber boot, Upper brake and clutch cables boot, Air filter. We installed a good tested Used diode board and Used rotor to get the bike charging properly. We installed a new H4 Headlight bulb, A pair used turn signals, and a new Battery. We also installed a Rebuilt bench seat with 1 piece grab-rail 1972-73 style. 2 year + 750 Miles ago: New Paint & stripes on tank and both fenders. Installed a pair of quality Reproduction “Cigar tip” /5 mufflers. Engine Tune. 1 year + 350 Miles ago. We resealed the top end, both cylinders. We also repaired the centerstand & sidestand pivots. Another new Battery was also installed. March 2015: under the owners instructions we installed New front wheel bearings and seals, serviced the rear wheel bearings, and did an Engine Tune with Oil & Filter. Then he decided to trade it in for a newer, bigger, faster BMW. We happily accepted this beautiful bike into our inventory. We repaired the broken Speedometer needle, serviced the speedo & Tach. We also cleaned and Detailed the bike to the 1st level (looks GREAT from 6 feet). This bike has matching numbers, frame, motor, and title. The Ohio title is clear. Nothing else is actually needed. If you wanted to install a stock mirror, the left control body would need to have the thread repaired (we have the parts and equipment). The front turn signals are black plastic, instead of the original (expensive!) aluminum signal bodies. All the rubber parts are very good to excellent, except the rider pegs and shift lever rubber. There is a tool tray, but no tool kit or tire pump. There is a chunk of fin missing from the left cylinder, but it is not readily noticeable as it is below the larger head. The previous owner neatly installed external retention springs in the chrome headlight ring because once the headlight insert was not installed properly and it popped loose while riding.

2973281 '70 R75-5, Blue. 001

2973281 '70 R75-5, Blue. 001 SOLD.....2973281 '70 R75/5 SWB, Blue. 87,500 Mi. Starts easily. Runs GREAT! Very strong.


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