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This 1977 R100S was Originally a Belgian Police bike. It has matching VIN numbers, and the title is clear. Years ago, it was completely rebuilt and upgraded by Len Kerkoff, owner of Autobhan Craftwerks in Cincinnati Ohio (recently diseased). This was his personal bike that he used for daily riding and traveling. His improvements included 10.5 / 1 high compression pistons, performance camshaft, oversized valves, upgrade carburetors and exhaust, oversize oil pan, performance rear shocks, dual disc front brakes, braided stainless steel brake lines, Lester Mag Wheels, etc. This bike has an original BMW Tool Kit in a BMW Tool Tray. This bike is also equipped with a BMW Factory optional Kick-start Transmission, but the kick lever has been removed. Len sold this bike in 2007 with 35,149 miles on the odometer, and the new owner added a high output alternator, running lights, black BMW engine guards, Corbin seat, Lester mag wheels, and tubeless tires. He relocated the master cylinder to the improved handlebar position. He also replaced the ignition switch, headlight relay, cables, gaskets, seals, and battery as needed. In 2013 the owner had the motor top end resealed. All that work was done by Autobahn Craftwerks. The original RS fairing has been removed, and the bike is currently outfitted with BMW “S” fairing with a 21” tall Parabellum smoked windshield, USA style handlebars, and Krauser saddlebags on black Reynolds saddlebag mounts. The Corbin Dual Sport saddle has a removable passenger back rest. The bike has a Boyer Electronic Ignition system, Koni shocks, and a chrome dual loop CC Products front fork brace. It has always been stored in a heated garage. It is fully serviced, very reliable, and FAST! The current odometer reading is 38,746 miles. With this bike comes a file of the previous owner’s parts and labor receipts dating from 2007 on, plus a copy of an article in Motorcycle Classics Magazine about Len Kirkoff, the person who originally rebuilt the bike. We have performed a BMW Factory Recommended 5K Service, serviced the steering neck bearing, and carefully checked over the bike in general.

6180194 '77 R100S Belgian Police Custom 001

6180194 '77 R100S Belgian Police Custom 001 6180194 1977 BMW R100S Belgian Police Custom


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