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This relatively hard to find 1973 ½ BMW R75/5 Long Wheel Base model is also a “Toaster Tank” model, with chrome panels both on the fuel tank and as battery covers. Very stylish!. The bike has short, low “Euro” bars on it now, but we will exchange them for the mid-height “USA” bars if the buyer desires it set up that way. We have gone through this bike front to back. The frame repainted, the forks rebuilt, new correct 13 rib fork boots, steering neck bearings, Engine bottom end inspected, top end de-carboned, inspected, and resealed. New rear main seal, clutch inspected, clutch splines lubed, transmission opened and inspected and resealed, wheel bearings and seals replaced and serviced, new Metzeller tires, carburetors rebuilt, new cables, instrument serviced, new replica original tapered end /5 mufflers, seat pan repainted and seat recovered with correct replica seat cover, plus a 10K Service. The bike starts easily, warms up quickly, and settles down to a smooth regular idle as a well running R75/5 should. All electrics function properly. The exhaust headers are solid, the mufflers new. The transmission shifts smoothly and easily. The aluminum is bright; the frame paint is in good condition. The body paint is original silver, and is bright and shinny, but has a patina of use; there are light scratches on the front fender and the tank, and a small ding above the left emblem just past the edge of the chrome panel. The paint defects are unnoticeable at 20 feet. This bike is guaranteed to draw onlookers at every gas stop and parking lot. This bike is ready to ride for any purpose; a stylish daily rider, or a weekend get-away bike. It is big enough to be safe at freeway speeds, and the Long Wheel Base makes it more stable when buffeted by trucks or weather than its much more common short wheel base R75/5 cousins. The longer seat also makes it much more comfortable when riding 2-up. If you desire a fairing and / or saddlebags, we can add those. We have several choices, vintage to modern.

4006296 '73 R75-5 LWB, Silver 001

4006296 '73 R75-5 LWB, Silver 001 SOLD.....1973 BMW R75/5 LWB, Silver


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