In album: SOLD.......1966 BMW R50/2, 19,257 Miles. Fresh 10K Service.

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1966 BMW R50/2 19,515 Miles. Fresh 10K Service VERY Clean! This beautiful Vintage 1966 R50/5 BMW is very clean, fully serviced, and ready to ride. We just completed a Major BMW Factory (10K) Service. We also resealed the oil pan, cleaned the carburetors, installed new floats, original petcock, original braided Continental fuel lines, and battery strap. When we serviced the rear wheel bearings we decided they needed to be replaced, along with new axle seals. The body paint is near flawless. It appears to be original factory paint, but the larger of the two tank pinstripes appears to have been re-done on top of the old one, a bit wider than stock. The frame paint is excellent! We suspect that it might have been re-painted, because it is just so glossy! There is a chip on the right side of the battery support, and another on the right downtube near the steering damper bracket. Both could be easily touched up. The bike is equipped with Hella Bar-end turn signals, a left side Albert mirror, a Denfield solo seat, original rear fender rack, and Michelin tires. The engine and frame numbers match. All electrics work properly. All rubber parts are clean and soft. Aluminum castings are clean and bright, with no corrosion. The motor starts easily, settles down to a nice idle quickly, and runs smoothly. There is also a key to the tool box door, and a nice BMW tool kit and BMW logo shop rag. The chrome is good to excellent; very bright and shinny! The original style exhaust is very clean, shinny, and nice, with no dings.. The spokes are clean and rust free. Headlight rim, Speedo bezel, steering damper knob, handlebar clamps, front fender brace, pushrod tubes, air intake tubes, taillight lens rim, and both axles are all very shiny. The bars are mostly good, but have slightly rough patches on top near the hand controls (hardly noticeable). The front rim is very good, the rear is 99% very good, but has 2 small patches of pitting on the left side (see photos). The only other flaws we were able to find are a chip in the enamel of the right tank emblem near a screw hole (new emblems are still available), a very small paint nick on the rear hub cap, and an even smaller one on the front one. All and all, this is a BEAUTIFUL BMW! The mileage is ridiculously low; it could easily be still running great when your great grandchildren are old enough to start riding. It is a bike you can be very proud to be seen on. You will draw a crowd when you stop for gas or food. It is very rare to find one this nice!

641284 '66 R50-2 Black 001

641284 '66 R50-2 Black 001 SOLD.......1966 BMW R50/2, 19,257 Miles. Fresh 10K Service.


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