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6172716 ’83 BMW R80T, Maroon & Gold. Fresh 10K Service. Resealed Motor Top End. Rebuilt Carbs. Installed Dual EBC Front Floating Brake Discs and new Brake Pads. Installed 3 Piece SPEIGLER Stainless Steel Brake Lines, New Front Master Cylinder, New Steering Neck Bearings, Serviced Instruments. New rear Metzeller Tire. Rebuild front fork. New Throttle Tube & Grips. New Metal Plug Caps & Wires. New Continental OE Braided Cloth Covered Fuel Lines. Installed EGR Block-Off kit. Corbin Dual Sport Seat, Reynolds Ride-Off Centerstand, Koni Rear Shocks. Matching Engine & Frame numbers. The original paint had been redone, poorly. We installed a body kit from a different bike (the battery covers say 1000cc, but it is really an 800cc BMW). Adult female conservatively ridden One Owner bike. Compression is good, does not smoke, we fixed all leaks. The top end of this type motor usually is good for 130,000 to 150,000 miles before needing valve job & rings, so this motor should be good for years to come.

6172716 '83 R80T (1)

6172716 '83 R80T (1) 6172716 '83 R80T, Maroon and Gold


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