In album: SOLD....1972 BMW R75/5 Blue, "Toaster" 44,186 Miles.

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1972 BMW R75/5 Blue with Chrome “Toaster” tank panels and battery covers. Very clean and original. We started with a Major Factory recomended10K Service. We rebuilt the forks,and installed new neck bearings. We installed new shifter and kickstart seals in the transmission, the clutch was cleaned and inspected and reinstalled, the transmission drive splines were lubed. We rebuilt the carburetors, cleaned and serviced the instrument, and serviced the handlebar switches. We installed many NEW parts: Reproduction /5 “Cigar tip” style mufflers, headlight rim and bulbs, hand grips, Continental tires front & rear (balanced), battery, battery straps, and original Continental cloth braided fuel lines. We replaced the leaky old style petcocks with the late style ones made by Karcoma. All rubber boots were inspected as in very good condition, or replaced. The bright blue paint is in good condition, with several small touch-up spots. The chrome is shiny, the aluminum cases and other parts are clean and bright. The aluminum turn signals and rear shock covers are nicely polished. Ther is a tool tray, but no tool kit. This beautiful Vintage BMW is ready to go for a full season of fun and classy riding!

2986124 '72 R75-5 Blue Toaster 001

2986124 '72 R75-5 Blue Toaster 001 SOLD....1972 BMW R75/5 Blue, "Toaster" 44,186 Miles.


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