In album: SOLD 7/21.....4043341 1974 BMW R90/6, Red......SOLD 7/21 - Matching VIN Numbers, Fully serviced, and Krauser Saddlebags.

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The bike has 53,350 miles on it. It starts and runs well. It is equipped with a set of Krauser Saddlebags with a small luggage Rack Cosmetically it is Fair, but we have done significant Service work on it to make it reliable. First we chemically cleaned the old stale fuel out of the fuel tank, and cleaned the float bowls and carburetor jets and installed new float bowl gaskets. We installed new BMW Original Continental Braided Cloth covered fuel lines and inline fuel filters. The motor had some oil leaks at the cylinder bases, so we removed the motor top end and resealed it with proper gaskets and pushrod seals. While the motor top end was apart, we inspected and decarboned the cylinder heads, and lapped the valve seats to insure optimum performance. Then we changed the motor oil and oil filter. We torqued the heads and adjusted the valves, set the timing, and synchronized the carburetors. The front brakes were not performing well; on investigation, we found the master cylinder leaking. We replaced the master cylinder and flushed fresh brake fluid through to the caliper. Breaks now work as designed. We fixed some lighting issues, and replaced the instrument circuit board, so now all electrics and indicators work correctly. Lastly, we inspected and serviced the wheel bearings in both wheels, and went over the bike in general, adjusting cables & controls, and tightening all fasteners. All this service work adds up to a BMW major service (10K Service), so nothing will require service for another 5000 miles, except engine oil changes per BMW schedule. Finally, we gave it a good long test ride for a few days to insure it would start and run and perform predictably. What this bike needs now is a loving home, and some cosmetic detail work.


DSC02154 4043341 1974 BMW R90/6, Red. Matching VIN Numbers, Fully serviced, and Krauser Saddlebags.


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