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6207435 '83 R80ST Red. Not running "Before" photos. 1983 BMW R80ST, Red. Not running "Project Bike" $3000. Motor turns easily. Included are a good used Shifter, Clutch, and Clutch Throwout assembly, and a period correct 5 speed transmission. We have opened up that transmission and inspected and resealed it: it is in good useable condition. There is a key that fits the ignition, frame, and seat locks. The taillight, rear turn signals, and turn signal stalks are missing, but will be found and included. Master cylinder is bad. The stock seat needs a cover. There is no tool tray or tool kit with this bike. The Odo says 6385 miles, but the actual mileage on the title is 60,322 miles. The title is free and clear, NOT salvage. Before we sell this bike, we will clean the carburetors, and then start the motor and perform a compression check, to insure there are no major problems with the motor.

P-6207435 '83 R80ST Red 001

P-6207435 '83 R80ST Red 001 SOLD.....P-6207435 '83 R80ST Red. Not running "Before" photos


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