In album: 4946193 SOLD 1.08.21..... 1976 R75/6, White. Only 28,804 Miiles! Matching VIN numbers. Krauser, Koni, Odyssey, etc.

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This beautiful R75/6 has just had an end-to- end mechanical rehabilitation and 10K deep service. Details: New clutch assembly, rear main seal, flywheel o’ring, flywheel bolts, driveshaft bolts, transmission drive splines lubed, Spectro 20w50 oil. New oil pan gasket, combustion chamber & valves de-carboned, valves lapped. top end resealed, new oil pressure switch. New Spark plugs, exhaust thread/nuts anti-siezed. New crankcase reed style breather valve. Transmission has new shift seal and clutch throw-out seal. Full rebuild of carbs and chokes. New braided cloth covered Continental fuel lines with inline filters. Motorrad Elektrik Alpha Electronic ignition, new coils, correct 5K Ohm spark wires & caps. Factory recommended Engine Ground upgrade harness installed. New Motorrad Elektrik positive battery cable. Full clean & service of instruments and pod, with new gaskets & o’rings. New speedometer cable. Rebuilt Alternator rotor. New Odyssey Battery. Full front fork rebuild, progressive front fork springs, new steering neck bearings installed. Koni shocks. New swingarm bearings & seals. Both wheels have new bearings & seals, properly shimmed and serviced. Rear brake shoes cleaned and pivots lubed. New front brake pads, with pivot/eccentric cleaned/lubed, and adjusted. Steering damper pivots and adjuster cleaned and properly lubricated. Telefix front fork brace. Police / “Elephant Ear” extended front fender keeps the rain off of your shins and feet (white paint not an exact match). Avon AM26 Roadrider tires. Some assorted stainless fasteners used throughout bike. New chrome “Euro” bars with new “Euro” length brake, clutch, and throttle cables. (If desired, bike can be converted back to stock USA bars & cables for no additional cost). Stock seat has “Lift Off” kit installed instead of hinges, to make tool tray access possible with saddlebags installed. The Luftmeister engine guards came from another bike and already had minor scuffs on the lower edges before they were installed on this bike. The lower half of the guards have been sprayed with truck bed liner. This bike has never been down! EPCO Stainless exhaust headers, crossover, and mufflers. BMW Tool Kit. White rear mudflap. White Krauser bags on tubular BMW Krauser mount / luggage rack; extra rubber bumpers and additional bolts/thumbwheels added so bags stay rigid on mounts, instead of flapping up and down as they usually do. LED License plate frame auxiliary brake lights installed. Has small deflector windscreen mounted now, If desired, we can remove that and install a Wixom white, color matched and stripped, full Handlebar fairing. (Request photos if interested) Whole bike is VERY clean and obviously well cared for. White repaint with black pinstripes is in PERFECT condition. The tank inside liner is perfect; it looks like NEW! The motor starts easily and runs strong and very smoothly! Everything functions perfectly. A R75/6 this nice is a rear find these days!


DSC00767 4946193 1976 R75/6, White. Only 28,804 Miiles! Matching VIN numbers. Krauser, Koni, Odyssey, etc.


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