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6293970 1993 BMW R100RT, Classic Black. New battery. New Starter, Fresh 5K Service. Very Low Miles! This hard to find 1993 BMW R100RT is painted “Classic Black”, which is a Metallic Black. It has Monoshock rear suspension, and Dual front brake discs. We just installed a NEW Valejo Starter, new sealed battery, and we performed a Factory Reommended 5K Service (we had also previously performed a 10K Service on this bike). The pushrod tube seals showed some light seepage, so we R&R the motor top end and resealed it, plus replaced the oil pan gasket. The fork seals were also showing seepage, so we changed them too. The bike is clean and well cared for, and has a very low mileage of only 22,500 Miles. All electrical systems are in very good condition. The tires are Metzeller (ME33 front, ME 99 rear) and are in very good condition. The windshield is a 21” tinted Parabellum Air-balance system. The dash features BMW 4-Way Flashers, and BMW Heated Grips. The bike is equipped with an aftermarket “Flip-A-Lever” Throttle friction device (cruse control). The seat is the optional BMW “Comfort Seat”. The bike has BMW Saddlebags on BMW Chrome mounts, a BMW Small Trunk with passenger back rest pad on BMW Rack with optional HD support brackets, and a 3 piece Cordura BMW Saddlebag and Trunk Liner set. Also, it has the original BMW tool kit, Spare Keys, BMW Owner’s Manual, and Clymer Shop Manual. The paint is bright and shinny and in good condition.

6293970 ';93 R100RT, Classic Black

6293970 ';93 R100RT, Classic Black SOLD.....6293970 ';93 R100RT, Classic Black. Bags & Trunk. Very low Miles!


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