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6226450 ’83 R100 Basic, Grey. Fresh 10K Service. New Battery, new Steering neck bearings, Koni shocks. This 1983 BMW R100 Basic started life as a R100RS, but the fairing was removed and the bike converted to a basic R100. We gave it a 10K Service, new steering neck bearings, and much more. We resealed the motor top end. We removed and opened up and the transmission and inspected and resealed it and reinstalled it. While the transmission was out we also inspected the clutch and lubed the clutch splines. We rebuilt the front master cylinder, and we installed front lower braided stainless brake lines. We removed and inspected the front fork assembly, installed new steering neck bearings, and new fork seals. We also installed new plug wires and serviced the instrument set, and a new battery finished it up. We put a 45 mile test ride on it, and the bike is now ready to go for the rest of the season. There is a tool tray, but no tool kit. The paint is in poor condition with numerous scratches and chips noticeable when you get close. The exhaust is solid. There is one key for the ignition and another for the seat lock; there is no key for the steering lock or fuel cap (both unlocked). The motor starts easily and runs smoothly. The dual horns are VERY loud! The bike has a nice custom sidestand that is MUCH easier to deploy than the stock sidestand is. The exhaust is in good condition. The tires have good tread.

6226450 '83 R100(RS), GREY 001

6226450 '83 R100(RS), GREY 001 SOLD.....1983 BMW R100 Basic, Gray. Fresh 10K Service


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