In album: SOLD.....p-2922714 '76 R60-6,Blue. Not running "Project Bike"

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This is one of our more complete project bikes. $1,800.00 The Engine turns. Transmission shifts through all 5 gears. Controls work. Ignition and seat lock works with key. Hand switches work, though high-low headlight only fair. Has headlight and instruments. Has the small (18 ltr.) /5 fuel tank without chrome panels; emblems missing, good cap and petcocks, no dents, lining fair inside. The exhaust system is complete, but right muffler is rusting out on the bottom. Has all 4 turn signals. Has a stock sidestand, but no centerstand. There are no cracks in the fenders. Has a period luggage rack and engine guard. Rear shocks are shorter than stock. Clutch and brake cables good, throttle cables poor, carb slides move freely. The seat pan is bad, but has 2 good hinges. The wheels are straight, but the spokes are rusty. The right battery side cover is missing. The steering damper is bad, and knob frozen. The engine and frame numbers match, the title is clear.

2922714 '76 R60-6, BLUE. PROJECT BIKE 001

2922714 '76 R60-6, BLUE. PROJECT BIKE 001 SOLD.....p-2922714 '76 R60-6,Blue. Not running "Project Bike"


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