In album: SOLD....1967 BMW R69S #662671 Black, 41,000 Miles. Wixom Bags & Fairing w/Lowers.

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1967 BMW R69S, Black 41,000 miles. New Metzeller tires & 6V Gel battery. Fresh Factory 10K Service. This beautiful Vintage BMW R69S has just had a Factory Recommended 10K Service. The crankshaft slingers were cleaned within the last 3,000 miles. New Metzeller tires were installed and balanced within the last 100 miles. We cleaned and repacked the steering neck bearings. Installed and shimmed new front wheel bearings, wheel seals, and felts (we did new rear wheel bearings and brake shoes a year ago). We installed new 6V Gel Battery, battery pad, and rubber strap. We cleaned the carburetors and installed new manifold gaskets. A new ignition coil was installed. A new Bumm left mirror was installed. New replica Gel grips were installed. The bike is equipped with Bar-End Turn Signals, a Wixom Handlebar Fairing, Wixom “Cat’s Eye” Lowers, and a pair of Wixom Saddlebags; this gives the bike a very cool Vintage Touring Bike appearance, and they are very functional for traveling. The bike is also equipped with replica Stainless mufflers; the chrome headers and crossovers are in very good condition. The wheels have stainless spokes and chrome rims in good condition. There is some barely visible pitting in the chrome of the rear rim, and the aftermarket handlebar set-backs are pitted on top (they barely show with the fairing installed). A Chrome Air Cleaner Cover is installed. There was some battery acid damage on the frame and rear fender around the battery box. We neutralized the acid, cleaned the area, sealed it with rust preventive, and touched up the frame in that area as necessary. There were also some minor rust spots on the Earls arm, so we gave it a touch up too. Otherwise, the body paint is original and in good condition. The motor and drive train are tight, it does not leak any fluids, and it starts on the first or second kick, even when cold. The motor idles and runs smoothly and quietly. Suspension is in good condition. All rubber parts are good, or new. All cables are good. The Schorsch Meier Touring Seat is in very good condition. The steering lock and tool box lock key is missing. The Aluminum is clean and bright on the cases and hubs, and the chrome is bright. The serial numbers match on engine, frame, frame plate, and title.

662671 '67 R69S Black, Wixom Bags & Fairing 083

662671 '67 R69S Black, Wixom Bags & Fairing 083 SOLD....1967 BMW R69S #662671 Black, 41,000 Miles. Wixom Bags & Fairing w/Lowers.


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