In album: SOLD.....6207546 ’83 R80ST, GREY. Major 10K Factory Service, New Tires & Battery. Only 20,500 Miles

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This rare BMW model R80ST has very low mileage, and is fully serviced and ready to ride! We changed the rear main seal, and the oil pump cover O’ring. We cleaned and reinstalled the clutch and lubed the clutch splines. We replaced the Pushrod tube seals on both sides and installed all new gaskets on the motor top end. The front fork was removed and disassembled and cleaned and new seals were installed. New steering head bearings were installed. New front wheel bearings were installed & serviced and new seals installed. The front brake system flushed with fresh brake fluid. The carbs were cleaned and rebuilt. New BMW Original Continental braided cloth covered fuel lines were installed with inline filters. The Tach & Speedometer were both internally cleaned and serviced. New Dunlop tires were mounted & balanced on both wheels. A new battery was installed, and a “Snap” cord installed to be able to quickly connect a Battery Tender charger to keep the battery up over the down season. We have just finished going over the bike front to back, making sure everything is straight and perfect. We also just performed the BMW Factory Recommended 10,000 mile service. Now it just needs a new owner to put decades of fun filled miles on it. The bike is equipped with a Corbin Dual Sport seat, and a National Cycle Deflector Windscreen. There is a tool tray and tool kit. The paint is bright and shiny, but there are a few scratches and some minor pinstripe wear. The aluminum is clean and bright. The original BMW exhaust is in very good condition. The engine has good compression and oil pressure, starts easily, and runs smoothly. The transmission shifts easily and has no unusual noises. All switches and electrics perform properly. The keys fit the ignition, fork lock, and seat lock; the fuel cap is unlocked and has no key. The bike is very stock and original.

6207546 '83 R80ST, Grey (31)

6207546 '83 R80ST, Grey (31) 6207546 ’83 R80ST, GREY. Major 10K Factory Service, New Tires & Battery. Only 20,500 Miles


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