In album: SOLD.....6195118 '79 BMW R100RT, Red Smoke. BMW Factory recommended 10K Service, plus much more.

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1979 BMW R100RT, Red Smoke. 56,890 Miles. Fresh 10K Service, New Battery. Krauser Saddlebags. Dunlop Tires. Braided stainless rear brake line. Clock & Volt meters, improved 1981-on mirrors and windshield adjusters. This BMW R100RT is fully serviced and ready to ride for the season, and on. We performed the BMW Factory recommended 10K Service, plus much more. We tore done and inspected the engine top end, inspected everything (everything was good) and resealed the engine top end. We cleaned the carburetors, cleaned the inside of the fuel tank, and installed original Continental braided cloth covered fuel lines. We found the final drive splines to be noticeably worn, so we changed out the final drive for another one of the same ratio, with much fewer miles. The fairing upper had several vibration cracks which developed because of a stripped mounting bolt. We found another R100RT upper fairing of the same color, and installed it. While we were doing that, we also upgraded the original 1979-80 style mirrors, mirror mounts, and windshield adjusters to the newer improved 1981 on style that work easier. We also installed new rubber fairing boots around the fork tubes. We found the rear brake to geel “mushy”, even after flushing the brake fluid, so we installed a new Spiegler rear stainless brake line. The pedal is nice and firm now. The Dunlop tires are in good condition. The exhaust is very good. There is a tool tray, but no tool kit. There is a set of 4 different keys, as locks have been changed over the years. There is a key for each of the fairing glove box covers, another for the ignition, and another for the seat. The clutch works smoothly and easily, as does the transmission shifting. Both the front and rear brakes are in very good condition. The bike starts easily, and runs smoothly and quietly. The instruments and gauges all work properly. The Krauser saddlebags are in good condition, and have no cracks. This bike would make a great solo or 2-up touring bike. With the lockable storage available, the superb weather protection, and the fuel mileage, it would also work well as a distance daily commuting bike. With a weight of only 525 pounds with a full fuel tank, the bike is as light and nimble as most smaller bikes. It is easy to wind through traffic or a parking lot, and easy to park, for an average size person

6195118 '79 R100RT, Red Smoke 001

6195118 '79 R100RT, Red Smoke 001 SOLD.....6195118 '79 BMW R100RT, Red Smoke. BMW Factory recommended 10K Service, plus much more.


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