In album: SOLD.....P-6207435 1983 BMW R80ST, Red. Running and Rideable "Prtoject Bike" VERY RARE and hard to find!

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6207435 RARE '83 BMW R80ST, Red. Running & Rideable "Project Bike" Motor starts easily and runs smoothly. Transmission shifts properly. Exhaust is solid. Tires are good, but old. When we received this BMW, it was missing the clutch and transmission, and had been sitting for a very long time. There is significant surface rust and corrosion, and the paint is faded. We installed a good used Shifter, Clutch, and Clutch Throwout assembly, and a period correct 5 speed transmission in good useable condition. There is a key that fits the ignition, frame, and seat locks. The headlight assembly, taillight, rear turn signals, and turn signal stalks were missing, but we obtained those parts and installed them Master cylinder was bad, and we rebuilt it. We serviced the front wheel bearings so you wouldn't have to learn how before being able to ride the bike. The stock seat needs a cover. There is no tool tray or tool kit with this bike. We have cleaned and rebuilt the carburetors, and started the motor and performed a compression check and a leak-down check, to insure there are no major problems with the motor. The motor sounds very quiet like a low mileage motor should. The Odo says 6385 miles, but the mileage on the title is 60,322 miles, which we believe to be an error during a previous title transfer when they made a typo and duplicated the last digit (i.e. 60,322 instead of 6,032). Based on minimal evidence of wear in multiple locations, we believe the 6385 miles is correct. The title is free and clear, NOT salvage. To see Mpg movies of the bike starting and running and being ridden, please scroll down to the bottom of the thumbnails above and click on the last 4 thumbnails.

6207435 '83 R80ST Red

6207435 '83 R80ST Red SOLD.....P-6207435 1983 BMW R80ST, Red. Running and Rideable "Prtoject Bike" VERY RARE and hard to find!


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