In album: p-4962024 '75 R90/6, Red 24 Ltr. "As-Is" Project Bike

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4962024 '75 R90/6, Red 24 Ltr. "As-Is" Project Bike. $1,500.00 Engine is locked up. Transmission shifts OK through all gears, and Kickstarter works. Ignition and Seat locks work; with key. Fork lock and fuel cap locks have no key. Wheel rims are good, front spokes poor, rear spokes fair. No cracks in fenders. Carb slides travel freely. Has large (24 Ltr") fuel tank with good cap; very nice inside, but has several very small dings.Has taillight, instruments (very nice), and turn signals; no headlight insert. Exhaust is complete. Left muffler poor, right muffler has dings. Hand controls work, hand switches good except headlight switch stuck. Has fiberglass seat pan, no hinges. Battery covers are missing. Brakke and clutch cables good, throttle cables bad. Has luggage rack and engine guards. Centerstand and sidestand both work, but centerstand needs lowering/raaising tine. Handlebars are rusty, and are equipped with riser and bar-back. Throttle has throttle friction device. Odo says 11,921 miles, title says 51,832 Sat under carport for 22 Years to "teach my ex-wife a lesson".

4962024 '75 R90-6, RED. PROJECT BIKE 001

4962024 '75 R90-6, RED. PROJECT BIKE 001 p-4962024 '75 R90/6, Red 24 Ltr. "As-Is" Project Bike


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