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1976 BMW R90/6, Black #4963869. Only 19,307 Miles We got this BEAUTIFUL low mile R90/6 running, and put on a 423 mile test ride. We found a few flaws, but we have taken care of them all now! First, and most important, somebody previously mangled the main wire harness, so we installed a really nice used one. We also installed a BMW motor ground upgrade kit, to insure good spark and charging. We rebuilt the carbs and started up the motor to check it out. The motor checked out very well, performance wise, but there were some minor oil leaks, so we replaced the flywheel seal (Rear Main seal) and oil pump O'ring. While we are there we cleaned and inspected the clutch. Next we pulled the heads and cylinders on both sides to replace the pushrod tube seals. Since the top end was off, we decided to install new rings on both sided, too. The rims and spokes were looking rough, so we polished the rims, and re-spoked both wheels with stainless spokes. We mounted & balanced a pair of new Bridgestone tires, and finished doing the 10K Major Service. The front brake master cylinder was not working correctly, so we installed a factory rebuilt master cylinder, and new front brake pads. A braided stainless front brake line was installed. The steering neck bearings were replaced. While the fork was off for the steering bearings, we' went through the forks too; cleaning and inspecting all, and installing Progressive fork springs, new fork seals, crush washers, rubber accordion boots, etc., and of course fresh fork oil. New BMW throttle pipe, throttle gear, and grips, and a new front brake light switch were also installed. A test ride showed us that the indicator lights were not functioning correctly consistently; so we installed a new LED Kat Dash instrument board. While we have the instrument case apart, we cleaned and serviced the Speedo & Tach for continued optimum performance. We've rubbed out and polished the original black rear fender, and large (22 Litre) original fuel tank; they turned out very nice! Next, we installed new petcocks. By request we installed a newly painted and pin stripped 18 Ltr tank. We did not have a front fender and battery covers that were in good enough condition for the quality of the rest of this bike, so we had a /6 front fender painted and pin stripped with the traditional BMW pattern, and applied new “900cc” stickers on the battery covers. A new set of /6 Reproduction Mufflers were installed. The previous owner home made a pair of individual pull wires for controlling the chokes, but they would let the chokes partially close while you were riding; BAD DESIGN!!!! We dug out a nice original choke lever and cables to restore the choke function to the dependable stock configuration with lever and push/pull cables. The frame looked bad in several spots where the previous owner spray painted on top of dirt! We sanded and primered and repainted where needed. It’s nice and shiny now. A quality /6 Reproduction seat was installed. We replaced the rear shocks with new Hagon shocks. We installed new front footpeg rubbers, clutch throwout boot, Driveshaft Boot, and shifter rubber. The bike is equipped with a Reynolds Ride-Off Centerstand. Transmission and final drive perform properly. The bike starts easily and runs smoothly. There is a tool tray with lid, but no tool kit. The ignition key fits the seat lock too, but not the steering neck lock. The bike will have a new battery when sold.


DSC02484 4963869 '76 R90-6, Black. Only 19,000 Miles


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