In album: SOLD 7/21.....1998 BMW K100LT #0180819.....SOLD 7/21- Tobacco Brown Only 7,404 miles. Radio, new Battery, Tour Pack.

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1998 BMW K100LT #0180819 Tobacco Brown Only 7,404 miles. Radio, new Battery, Tour Pack. Four cylinder fuel injected motor, 5 speed transmission, Monoshock rear suspension. Dual front Disc Brakes. Nicknamed “The Flying Brick” for it’s rectangular motor (shaped like a brick), as well as for their dependability and reliability which makes the design “as solid as a brick”. This BMW was sitting unridden in a heated garage for about 10 years, when the owner decided to get it running again and put a few miles on it before he gave up riding due to age / health concerns. New battery & spark plugs, cleaned very stale old fuel from the inside of the fuel tank. We chemically etched inside of aluminum fuel tank to remove the tar coating from the old fuel. The fuel pump had gone bad sitting, so we replaced that, as well as installing a new fuel level indicator float, and a new fuel filter. We cleaned the injectors, and installed new BMW sealing O’rings to each end of the injectors. We checked the engine compression, spark, and fuel pressure, and valve adjustments. Lastly fresh oil engine and oil filter, plus fresh drive train gear oil. We rebuilt the front brakes master cylinder, and rebuild one brake caliper on the front, and replaced the one hose. The rear brake caliper was also rebuilt, and new brake pads installed, and new brake hose. Finally, we flushed the brake fluid, front & rear. The fork oil checked as clean and to proper level, so we left it alone. We gave it back to the owner to ride a bit, and he put 170 miles on it before bring it back for us to sell. We deep cleaned, detailed, rubbed out, polished, etc. to bring back the finish. The owner had previously taken a slow speed spill on the left side when his foot slipped on surface gravel, which scratched up the saddlebag lid and engine guard. We sanded the scratches on the left engine guard and repainted it. We have an undamaged color matching left saddlebag lid, which we can sell with the bike, if the buyer desires it. There is also a seat cover edge that is damaged and the cover is aged. We also have a nice color matched replacement seat which we can sell with the bike. The bike starts easily and rides and performs perfectly, just as you would expect from a BMW with under 7,500 miles. The BMW is equipped with a Factory radio and speakers, water temperature and fuel level gauges, and Factory color matched Saddlebags and Tour Pack (Trunk). It also has a White Brothers rear Mono-shock. The Metzeller tires are in good condition and showing no indication of ageing. This bike would be an excellent turn-key touring bike, or an excellent daily commuter.

0180819 '88 K100LT Tobacco Brown (01)

0180819 '88 K100LT Tobacco Brown (01) 1998 BMW K100LT #0180819 Tobacco Brown Only 7,404 miles. Radio, new Battery, Tour Pack.


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