In album: SOLD......#4962035 1975 BMW R90/6, Black. 22 Ltr. Tank. Full Ground-up Inside-out Mechanical and Cosmetic Restoration.

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#4962035 1975 BMW R90/6, Black. 22 Ltr. Tank. Full Ground-up Inside-out Mechanical and Cosmetic Restoration. We took this 1975 BMW R90/6 completely apart and did a front to back mechanical and cosmetic restoration; everything was made like new! For those of you who want the details, read on! Stripped the frame, subframe, swingarm, centerstand, and battery box; painted all and installed new steering neck bearings. The swingarm bearings were already like new, so we left them and installed new seals. Rebuilt front and rear wheels; bead blasted the hubs, installed and shimmed new bearings and seals. Polished the rims, and laced and trued with chrome spokes. Installed and balanced new Metzeller tires with new tubes. Rebuilt front fork; disassemble, clean & inspect, reassemble with ALL new bumpers, wiper rings, seals, crush washers, and accordion for boots. Motor: tore down to crank, measured the main bearings and found them at low end of tolerance. Installed new lower rod bearings, inspected pin bushings and found them at low end of tolerance. Inspected oil pump rotor clearance, and resealed cover. Inspected and reassembled cam and lifters with new cam chain and followers. Bored cylinders and honed to fit new Kolbenschmidt pistons and new rings. Performed complete valve job with new guides. Installed new crankcase breather. Resealed entire motor. Selected like new clutch pressure plate and pressure ring, installed with new clutch friction disc. A ground upgrade kit was installed on the motor, and new alternator brushes, and new spark plug wires and original metal caps. New MAC replica headers were installed, and a like new pair of reproduction mufflers. Transmission: Tore down and inspected all gears and shafts. Reassembled with all new bearings, springs, and seals. Final drive was disassembled and inspected and found in very good condition; then we reassembled and resealed it. Driveshaft was inspected as very good. New drive shaft boot installed. We picked out a very nice set of used original rear shocks, disassembled, inspected, and cleaned them, then polished the shock covers. The fenders, fuel tank, battery covers, headlight mounts, and headlight bucket were sanded down, primered, and painted with original Glazruit paint, clearcoat, and hand pinstriped. New rubber kneepads and tank emblems were installed. The original Karcoma petcocks were rebuilt. The seat pan was sanded and painted, then recovered with a replica seat cover and new original seat trim. New mirrors, new footpeg rubbers, new cables, new rear and side red reflectors, new battery, new starter relay, and much, much more. No detail was overlooked. This bike is now the closest thing you could come to a brand new 1975 R90/6! So far we have test drove the bike 300 miles to break in the motor (seat the new rings) and give the whole bike a general shake-down cruse; we will continue as weather permits until we reach 500 miles. Then we will perform a “New Bike” 500 Mile Service consisting of oil and filter change, retorque the heads and readjust the valves, check the timing and re-sync the carbs, and an ent-to-end check and adjust. After that is done, the bike will be ready to give decades of trouble free riding to its lucky new owner!

4962035 '75 R90-6 Black, 22 L

4962035 '75 R90-6 Black, 22 L SOLD......#4962035 1975 BMW R90/6, Black. 22 Ltr. Tank. Full Ground-up Inside-out Mechanical and Cosmetic Restoration.


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