In album: 6386384 SOLD 9.03.20.....1982 BMW R65, Black. Under 13,000 miles

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We received this bike in the Service Department to “fix as needed for resale”. It did not take much as it has less than 13,000 miles on it! Very nice! The owner is an older gentleman who feels he should no longer ride a motorcycle at his age. We cleaned a mouse nest out of the air filter assembly, and installed a new filter. We repaired a “soft” front brake lever feel with a new front master cylinder and brake fluid flush. We fixed a charging issue with a good used diode board, and a rebuilt rotor. We replaced the old aging fuel line with Original Continental braided cloth covered fuel line. This BMW will receive a new battery upon sale. One thing the owner did not want to pay for is the ignition coils. They work fine, but the case shows cracking, as is common in this era BMW coils. There is a good chance that ridding the bike in the rain could cause misfiring. We recommend a new replacement coil for $215.00 The bike starts easily and runs well. It is clean and shiny, with only minor normal wear showing, and very little of it. It’s obviously been garaged since new. It is equipped with a pair of BMW Factory chrome engine guards. It also has an Original Factory Owner’s Manual and a Factory Tool Kit. It is also equipped with a Russell Touring Saddle known as the “day-long seat”. It is a VERY comfortable seat. The bike is also equipped with a Reynolds “Ride-Off” Centerstand; it works perfectly, but could use a paint touch up or full repaint. There is mostly very minor frame paint degradation; most noticeable on top of swingarm on the left side. If a new owner does not want this seat, it could be traded in on a used stock seat, or a different type of custom seat. Also optional; we often have good used saddlebags and mounts for this bike. Inquire if interested.


DSC02026 1982 BMW R65, Black. Under 13,000 miles


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